The Pediatric Terminologies contain works from various organizations whose target population is younger than 18. There are two sets of terminologies at present:

International Neonatal Consortium (INC) INC Terminology . The INC Terminology addresses the need for measurement and assessment of clinical outcomes in neonates through teams that share data and expertise to advance regulatory science. This work will enhance regulatory science for neonates by providing standardized terminology for adverse event reporting maintained and published as part of the NCI Thesaurus (NCIt).

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) NICHD Pediatric Terminology . The NICHD Pediatric Terminology establishes a core library of harmonized pediatric terms, beginning with a focus on neonatal and infant examination concepts as part of a broader terminology framework. Continued efforts to harmonize pediatric terminology will support the acquisition, exchange, submission and archival of clinical research data, ultimately supporting the health and wellbeing of children.
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